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The proper golf style

A series of events make up the golf swing. The golf swing is a series of events. Your golf stance, setup, and posture are crucial. This article will discuss how to set up a great golf stance and posture and the why and how. A few great drills will also be covered to help you set up correctly.

Although we’ll begin with the basics, I like to get into more detail once we have established the basics. This information will help you gain insight and understanding. You should still find a local PGA professional to help you build a golf swing. Coaching yourself in golf is like learning how to cut your hair. You know the basics, but you need to see what is happening.

Position in golf

An excellent golf stance will help you move your body and hit the ball in the best way possible. A superb golf stance will save you a lot of time and make it easier to be consistent. Your setup will determine if you need help consistently striking your driver or irons.

It is helpful to imagine the ideal golf stance as a baseball swing with the head tilted 45 degrees to the ground. Many mechanics can be transferred. All you have to do is change your setup angles.

Your golf stance comprises four parts: your posture, grip, alignment, and ball position. Your golf grip is the only thing that needs to be covered in this article. Click the link to read more.

Positioning for golf

Let’s start with our golf posture. As we have already said, we want to make a tilted swing with our baseball bat. Therefore, we must flex forward from our hips to ensure the ball is in front of us.

The following golf posture drill is what I used to coach golf for 14 years. It’s the easiest way to get a great setup and posture.

To check your setup, perform this posture drill in front of a mirror or a window.

Golf posture key points

The video shows us standing tall in our natural position and tilting forward. Our spine is kept in neutral by a slight curve at the base and another curve that runs from our shoulders to the ground, our skull. This position allows our vertebrae to remain in their natural positions and freely rotate during the golf swing.

Using this posture drill, you should ensure that you are in an athletic position. The pressure should be through your midpoints. It allows your arms to hang loosely under your shoulders, but not rigidly, and gives you room for them to move freely.

For all sizes, golf posture

We have yet to discuss angles. It is because there aren’t perfect angles. You can still find the exact points whether you’re 6’8″ or 5’8″ like me.

  1. Start by standing tall and adopting a natural posture
  2. Move your hips forward so that your chest faces the ball.
  3. You will feel an athletic balance, pressure in the middle of your feet
  4. The arms should be lowered to the shoulders.
  5. Light knee flex

Adjusting the amount of hip and knee flex can be achieved for your build.

Common posture errors

Too much knee flex is a common problem for golfers. It causes a lack of hip flexion (upper-body tilt), which results in a swing that is too high above the ground.

Excessive knee flex can also cause extreme pressure on their heels. They swing forward and back, trying to keep balanced.

Another common mistake is to have a hunched posture when speaking. If your spine isn’t in its natural position, you can lose your ability to rotate. It can cause pressure on the hips and lower back.

Your posture will make it easier to the golf swing.

Alignment – How to achieve your goals

Amateur golfers often have to worry about how to create the perfect alignment. However, humans are highly skilled at aiming (I’ll explain later).

To achieve great alignment, place your golf club in front of the ball and point it at your target. Then, align your stance with this line (see the image above). An analogy that works well is to imagine rail tracks with your club face, ball, and feet on one rail and your feet and body along the parallel rail.

You should have a good grip and use the posture drill to ensure your hips, knees, and shoulders are in the ideal alignment.

Poor alignment worries golfers

Golfers often need help with their aim, as I said earlier. Slicers aim left for a right-handed player, while golfers who hook the ball seek moral purpose right. Alignment issues are rare in golfers who hit straight.

Poor alignment is almost always a result, not the root cause. I am still waiting to see a player who can hit the ball straight from 40 yards. Miss alignment refers to your inner athlete trying to get the ball to the target.

To help you improve your golf swing, put down a stick or a club when you’re on the range. However, you can set up the course in a different way. For optimizing scoring, it can be beneficial to aim slightly left or right to compensate for foul shots.

Position of the golf ball – Driver and Irons

After you’ve reviewed your alignment and posture, we can now move to the ball position. It changes as you go from hitting the driver to midirons and wedge. Let’s review why.

Your wedge shots and midirons should be struck with a downward strike. The loft of the club will send the ball upwards. We want to hit the ball upwards with a driver.

It can be achieved by simply changing the position of your ball, as shown in this video. This drill doubles up to align too.

Drill for the position of the golf ball

Your golf swing and, specifically, your body position at impact and weight transfer will determine the ideal ball position. To get an idea of the best position for you, start your wedge shots in the middle. When hitting the driver, move your ball forward until it is within your front foot. It will change your strike position from downwards using irons to upwards utilizing a driver.

The ideal stance width

The ideal stance width is approximately shoulder width. The long answer is that the more comprehensive your golf position, the better your golf swing will be. However, the narrower your stance, you’ll find it easier to turn and rotate through your shots.

We make our driver’s stance slightly more comprehensive and shoulder-width for the mid-irons. For wedge shots, we prefer to keep it a little narrower.

Advanced players will need to know how to set up.

Please remember to adjust your posture, stance, and set up as you work towards single figures or below. You can make subtle but powerful changes to ensure consistent striking.


  1. It is an excellent spine position that replicates the concepts we discussed but still feels relaxed.
  2. You should have a solid but balanced golf stance. It will allow you to maintain your balance throughout your swing. You will need to learn how to set the pressure.
  3. Last, make sure your arms are free of tension and hang naturally. This critical point will allow you to take the club into the backswing correctly.

These three factors can make all the difference in your swing mechanics and ball striking.

We are maintaining and building your golf course.

The golf swing is a series of events. You can avoid 101 potential swing errors by focusing on 3-4 basics while golfing. We video-check posture, grip, alignment, and ball position with the pros we work with every four weeks. It is one of my best tips to help you build a great swing. Keep your fundamentals in check, and your golf swing will be in good shape.

This article should give you the information to ensure that your setup and stance are in top shape. You can ask any questions you like below. I’ll update the article with your answers.

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